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The first working day of the week which is Monday, is what everybody looks forward to after the weekend’s rest. Unfortunately, Monday November 28th didn’t last long for a prodigy of Olabisi Onabanjo University, who was snatched away by death via a motor accident which was caused by an overtaking huge vehicle.

The real cause of the death of Wale Tamiliyu a current 400 level student of the department of Banking and Finance as not been truly ascertained, considering the fact he was the only one who lost his life in the tragedy.

However, students and colleagues related to him in someway resorted to violence after discovering that the same vehicle he died in, was still been used for transportation activities from the garage he boarded the vehicle from known as Itamerin in Ago-iwoye. Reports say drivers in the area showed no remorse for the departed soul, prompting students to angrily destroy vehicles and cause uproar within the area.

Unconfirmed reports says that few other students have been reportedly killed by indigenes in retaliation to the earlier attack.

However, the urgent intervention of the police force has restored sanity and calm to the community.

We pray that the soul of the deceased rest in perfected peace.


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  3. Great post! Another Cser here. It is great to be able to meet like minded people while you are thousands of miles away from your hometown friends. I also agree with hostels, in Cambodia you can find places for as little as $2 a night. And the street sleeping, I actually tried to stay at the Yangon Airport but they close at 8:30pm… Oh no! Thankfully the fancy hotel across the street allowed me to sleep in their lobby on a couch after they made a copy of my passport.

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